GGMS Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the latest information regarding the Governor Guinn Millennium Scholarship Program?

In 2015, the Legislature passed SB 128 which increased the number of credit hours required for certain students to be eligible for the Millennium Scholarship. To be eligible to receive funds, students must be enrolled in at least 9 semester credit hours at a community college, or 12 semester hours at another eligible institution, such as university or state college. This bill also increased payout to a maximum of 15 credits at all institutions.

Assembly Bill 150 passed by the 2015 Nevada Legislature extended eligibility for the Millennium Scholarship to students who do not meet the minimum grade point average requirement, but who do receive a qualified score on a college entrance examination approved by the Nevada Board of Regents.

For the Class of 2016 and beyond, the Nevada Board of Regents established the minimum score on a college entrance examination as follows:


  •  Students who take the SAT test before March, 2016:
    •  Must obtain a combined reading and math SAT score of 990 or higher
  • Students who take the SAT test on or after March, 2016:
    • Must obtain a combined reading, writing and math SAT score of 1070 or higher

The ACT composite score is the average of the student’s scores on the four subject tests, as computed by ACT.

  • Students must obtain a composite score of 21 or higher on the ACT Exam.

Please note that AB 150 only applies to those students who graduate in the Class of 2016 and beyond who meet all of the eligibility requirements except completing high school with at least a 3.25 grade point average calculated using all high school credit granting courses.

2. What is new since the 2015 Legislature?

In June 2016 the following changes were made by the Board of Regents to the Millennium Scholarship: The program payout is now limited to credits that apply to a student’s program of study and the student must be enrolled in a program of study leading to a recognized associate degree, baccalaureate degree, or pre-baccalaureate certificate.


3. When does Millennium Scholarship pay for classes?

The Millennium Scholarship benefits are paid before classes begin or up to 4 weeks into the semester, depending on your institution’s payment schedule. Contact the financial aid office at your institution to find out the disbursement date. 



4. Which institution processes the Millennium Scholarship payment?

The financial aid office of the institution you’re attending processes payments. To receive your scholarship, you must complete the Acknowledgment of Award process. This process serves to inform you of the policies surrounding your scholarship, including what you must do to maintain your eligibility while attending an eligible Nevada institution. The Acknowledgement of Award process can be done online at


5. Do I have to reapply annually for my Millennium Scholarship?

No. After you complete the Acknowledgement of Award, you do not have to reapply annually. You are automatically eligible for the scholarship if you meet these requirements while attending college:

  • Maintain a 2.75 GPA for each semester.
  • Be enrolled in a degree program leading to a recognized associate degree, baccalaureate degree, or pre-baccalaureate certificate.
  • Enroll in a minimum of 12 units at a university or state college and a minimum of 9 units at a community college.

6. Do I have to tell the institution to make the Millennium Scholarship payment?

No, the institution will make the payment automatically as long as you have completed the Acknowledge of Award process. The Acknowledgement of Award process can be done online at


7. What if I get a bill from the institution and the Millennium Scholarship portion hasn’t been paid?

The initial bill may not show a Millennium Scholarship payment, which is normal. The Millennium Scholarship benefits are paid before classes begin or up to 4 weeks into the semester, depending on your institution’s payment schedule. The Millennium Scholarship does not pay 100% of your registration fees. You are responsible for paying only your portion of the registration fees.


8. How do I know how much to pay?

Millennium Scholarship will pay up to 15 non-remedial (program of study) credits per semester.  The Millennium Scholarship will pay $80 per credit at eligible universities, $60 per credit at NSHE state colleges and upper level community college courses and $40 per credit at NSHE community colleges.  To calculate your payment, multiply the amount of non-remedial (program of study) credits you’re taking by the amount that Millennium will pay and subtract that from the total bill.  You are responsible for paying the balance.

9. What happens if I pay the tuition in full?

The Millennium Scholarship portion will be reimbursed.  If you have not received reimbursement within 2 weeks after the end of the ‘add/drop’ period, contact the financial aid office at your institution to initiate the refund process.

10. I just graduated from high school and I checked my school’s website, which states that I am not eligible for the Millennium Scholarship and to call the Millennium Scholarship office for more information. I know I qualified for the Millennium Scholarship. What should I do?

Our office receives the names of eligible scholars from the high schools in mid-July.  We process the names and mail students’ award packets in late July.  They will arrive in time to use the scholarship for the fall semester, usually by August 1st.  If you do not receive your award packet, you can also use our online tool on our website to find your MSID number. To find your MSID number, visit our website at, click on “What’s my MSID?” and follow the instructions. If you are unable to find your MSID number online, please call our office at (702) 486-3383 or toll free at (888) 477-2667.

11. I just graduated from high school and want to use the Millennium Scholarship for summer school, but I won’t get my award packet prior to summer school registration. What should I do?

Tuition for summer must be paid upfront by all students. Your portion of the registration fees should be refunded by your institution’s financial aid office by October. Please review summer school procedures, located on our website at: - Section 7 of "Procedures and Guidelines".


12. Does the Millennium Scholarship pay 100% of my registration fees?

No, the Millennium Scholarship will pay $80 per credit at eligible universities, $60 per credit at NSHE state colleges, and $40 per credit for 9 to 12 credits at NSHE community colleges. You are responsible for paying the difference in credit hour costs. As of June 2016, the scholarship will only apply to credits that are taken which apply to a student’s program of study.


13. Can I use Millennium Scholarship funds for books or other educational purposes?

Yes, but only under certain circumstances. If you are receiving other financial aid including prepaid tuition, 529 college savings plans and/or other scholarship(s), you may be provided the remaining value of your Millennium Scholarship award in a residual check according to the financial aid office procedures at the institution you attend. These funds may only be used for: 

  • Registration fees and laboratory fees and expenses;
  • Required textbooks and course materials; and
  • Other costs related to attendance at your eligible institution.

14. Why are the student’s Millennium Scholarship funds debited when a student drops a class after the add/drop date?

The institution’s financial aid office pays the Millennium Scholarship funds by the add/drop date. Millennium Scholarship funds are paid according to the classes you had before the drop date. If a course(s) are not dropped prior to the 100% refund date at your institution, Millennium Scholarship funds will be applied to your account for the registered classes. Remember, you must complete the required number of credits and maintain the proper GPA at the end of each semester in order to maintain eligibility.

15. When I looked at my institution of higher learning’s website, it didn’t show Millennium Scholarship funds being deducted for my current semester. Why not?

In most cases, the institution will post the current semester’s payment after the semester begins.


16. What is the MSID?

The MSID is the Millennium Scholarship identification number assigned to you. Students should memorize this password and use it as their PIN to access their confidential student account information at


17. What should I do if I got married and/or moved?

Go to the Documents and Forms link on the Millennium Scholarship website (, located under the Millennium Students header on the bottom left, click on Forms and Documents.  Select the Change of Name or Change of Address form, print and complete the form then fax or mail to our office. Don't forget to change your address or name at your institution.


18. What happens if I don’t use my Millennium Scholarship immediately after I graduate from high school?

You can use your scholarship anytime until your scholarship expires. Students have six years in which to use all of their Millennium Scholarship benefits. Check your student account/status for your Millennium Scholarship expiration date at Be sure to submit your Acknowledgment of Award when you get your award packet. There are exemptions to the six year limitation for members of the military and students actively serving or participating in a charitable, religious, or public service assignment or mission. Consult with the Board of Regents to determine your eligibility for such an exemption.

19. I lost my scholarship in a previous semester. This semester, I have met the requirements to regain eligibility. How do I go about reinstating my scholarship?

There are no forms or applications to be submitted to the Millennium Scholarship office to reinstate your scholarship. At the end of the semester, all institutions submit student records to the Millennium Scholarship office. If all requirements have been met, reinstatement is automatic.


20. Do I have to be a Citizen to get the Millennium Scholarship?

All students eligible to receive the Millennium Scholarship are required to execute an affidavit declaring the student’s eligibility for a Millennium Scholarship pursuant to the requirements of Nevada Revised Statutes 396.930. The affidavit shall appear on the acknowledgment of the award form that a student is required to complete prior to receiving the Millennium Scholarship. The affidavit shall consist of a declaration that the student is a citizen of the United States or has lawful immigration status, or that the student has filed an application to legalize the student’s immigration status or will file an application to legalize the student’s immigration status as soon as the student is eligible to do so. This affidavit shall not require a notarized signature.


21. What are the core curriculum requirements?

Classes graduating in 2009 and thereafter will be required to complete a core curriculum as established by the Board of Regents, which includes:

  • 4 units of Math, including Algebra II or higher
  • 4 units of English
  • 3 units of Science
  • 3 units of Social Studies and History

This core curriculum is in addition to the other eligibility requirements for the scholarship. Please work with your high school counselors and registrar to make sure that you have completed the required courses so that you will be eligible for the Governor Guinn Millennium Scholarship.