Nevada's College Savings Plans Board Members

Pursuant to NRS 353B.005, and AB475 the Board of Trustees consists of six members: the State Treasurer, an ex-officio nonvoting member who may name a designee to serve on the Board on his behalf; the Director of the Office of Finance (formally known as the Department of Administration), or designee; the Chancellor of the Nevada System of Higher Education, or a designee; and three members appointed by the Governor.  The State Treasurer or his designee shall serve as the nonvoting member of the Board.

Jeff Haag

Board Chair

Jeff Haag was appointed by Governor Sandoval in August 2017. Jeff is responsible for the management and oversight of the State’s Purchasing Division. Prior to joining the State, Jeff spent over 14 years with Southwest Airlines in a variety of positions. He has an extensive background in marketing and communications with Southwest Airlines and serves on the Board as the marketing expert.

Andrew Martin

Board Member


Andrew Martin was appointed by Governor Sandoval in September 2018.  Martin is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) and entrepreneur with over 32 years of public accounting experience and an MS and BS in accounting.  He has been Managing Partner of Martin & Associates, Ltd. Certified Public Accountants since 1994.  Martin has a distinguished public service career including serving as a Nevada State Assemblyman District 9 (2012-2014). Martin served on the Nevada Economic Forum (2010-2012) which is a panel of five experts who review economic and tax forecasts to calculate estimates for the state revenue budget.  Martin served on the Clark County School District Bond Oversight Committee (2009-2011) which is an independent board to provide financial, bond and investment oversight of the school district’s bond repayment and capital improvement programs.


Bob Seale

Board Member


Robert L Seale is currently a partner with the firm Seale & Beers, Certified Public Accountants in Las Vegas, Nevada.  He was appointed to the Board by Governor Sandoval in August 2010. Bob was reappointed in August 2014. Mr. Seale served two terms as Nevada State Treasurer, being elected in 1990 and reelected in 1994.  During his second term in office, he was responsible for creating the Nevada Prepaid Tuition Program.  Prior to running for election, Mr. Seale was a managing partner in a CPA firm in Reno, ran his own private CPA practice in Tahoe City, California and served in other financial officer and accounting positions in California and Nevada.  He graduated from California State Polytechnic University and received his MBA from the University of Nevada, Reno.  Mr. Seale currently resides in Las Vegas.


Tiffany Greenameyer

Board Member


Tiffany Greenameyer was appointed by Governor’s Finance Office Director Susan Brown in January of 2019. She is responsible for collaborating with executive branch agencies to produce the Governor’s Executive budget as well as working in partnership with senior state leaders on budget guidelines based on the Governor’s priorities.



Zach Conine

Ex-Officio Board Member, Treasurer's Office