Online Holder Reporting is currently under maintenance and will not be available until further notice.

Any businesses needing to immediately submit a holder report may use the UP -1 form found at the link below and follow the instructions on the form. All reports submitted must be in NAUPA format on a CD ROM, or USB drive device, and mailed along with the properly completed UP-1 form and payment (or proof of payment for ACH/Wire).

UP1 - Report of Unclaimed Property Form

If you have questions about Holder Reporting, you may contact or
call (702) 486-0944

Assessing Penalty & interest during Maintenance Issues

If you have questions regarding penalty and interest, or voluntary disclosure agreements, you may contact or call (702) 486-3952.


If you have questions about an audit, you may contact or
call (702) 486-8377.

Please accept our apologies for an inconvenience this may cause.