ESA Parents

The enrollment period has closed, at the present time we are not accepting applications.

SB302 provides a means for Nevada Parents with children enrolled in a public/charter school to choose a different option to meet their educational needs. A parent who wishes to choose an alternative to a public school simply can apply for an Education Savings Account and a percentage of what the state funds for their child’s public education will be deposited into an account for that child. The funds can then be used for education related expenses at approved participating entities. Nevada’s ESA program is being administered by the State Treasurer’s Office (STO), who is responsible for establishing the regulations, timelines, and program successes.

A student must attend a Nevada public/charter school for at least 100 uninterrupted school days immediately prior to submitting an application for an account. For more information on the program or to see eligibility requirements, please download a copy of our Parent Handbook.

ESA funds may be used for educational expenses such as: private school tuition, tuition at eligible institutions, distance education, curriculum, tutoring, fees, transportation, specialized services or therapies for students with a disability.

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A list of participating entities (schools) will be available pending the removal of the preliminary injunction.

For addition information you may wish to review the 2016 Press Releases concerning the Educational School Account Program.